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The Million Dollar Hompage

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Bob's Site Explained

Bob's $100m Goal Bob is a Digital Entity, he is aiming high! $100 Million Dollars in 18 Months! Want to play a part in internet history? Read more...

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The Search Engine Concept

For Sale: $100,000,000 (In 18 Months Time)
Bob is going to launch a search engine. He aims to sell it for at least $100m in 18 months. If sucessful he will give $50m back to YOU, the advertisers who join him. Invest in Bob's Space now for as little as $10 and YOU are playing a part in Bob's goal. The $10 gets you a web link on Bob's Space and potentially a huge return from the $100m search engine sale.   Read More
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Bob, What Are The Aims of

1. Get Bob's Advertisers Traffic

The first and most important goal is to get traffic to THIS website. To begin with we have the publicity stunt; "Vote Bob OFF The Million Dollar Homepage". Bob will gamble his place on The Million Dollar Hompage against the success of this website. This is already drawing traffic and we expect that traffic to grow significantly.
You can advertise here on Bob's Space.

2. Continue To Increase Traffic To This Website

If YOU the advertisers take up the $10 (per 100 pix) for a 90 day period, by definition we will get more traffic. YOU can join us; spend $10 and start the 'word of mouth' snowball, it really is that simple, and you're up for a share of Bob's $50,000,000 payback. You can advertise here on Bob's Space.

3. Offer Bob's Advertisers The Option To Buy and SELL Space

The Space Values page is a replica of the main advertising page 'Bobs's Space'. On the Space Values page, anyone can click the images and view the owners portfolio and 'asking price'. Images will be marked as either 'For Sale' or 'Not For Sale'. If the owner decides to assign their image a 'value', anyone can offer to buy the space at the asking price. So YOUR image will have both a traffic value and a cash value. You will also be able to change your image and link at any time.

Bob, What About The $100,000,000 Sale?

If enough of YOU, the advertisers join us, and start the snowball by spending ONLY $10 (more if you choose) we are on our way to filling Bob's Space. That by definition will draw even more traffic and paying the balance on your $10 investment more likely. We are then on the way to the first $1 million. At this point, Bob will introduce new forms of advertising media to retain the traffic/site visitors. Included in this will be a totally unique search engine which is presently in the final stages of development. It is this, along with the traffic that WE achieve, that will give this concept a true 'Business Sale' VALUE. So don't be afraid, spend $10 NOW and order pixel space. If we take this all the way YOU will have a share of the $50,000,000 payback to advertisers (it's in the contract)!

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Bob's Location on the Million Dollar Home Page

Alex Tew's terms & conditions state that:

"If for whatever reason in the future you want your image and link removed from the homepage, you can do that, but you will not get a refund and the space will become publically [sic] available again"

Should Bob request to be removed from The Million Dollar Homepage? Vote for the outcome and watch this space.

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