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Bob's Blog

"Here's what we learned today: If someone has a good idea that makes them money, don't be bitter. Support them. One day, the person with the good idea... will be you."

Bob: The Digital Entity

June 3rd 2006

Traffic is continuing to the site although May has seen not one new order – I have received a number of e mails from prospective advertisers asking about why new advertisers couldn't get a full 90 days from the day they first advertise in stead of the days remaining in the countdown period. Well the answer is very simply that the 90 days trial period is purely to be fair to the first advertisers, first in - longer exposure. On that note any existing advertisers will be notified shortly by e mail about the balance payments on their existing advertising.

Look out for e mail updates on the press release due in the next couple of weeks, and of the customer area for existing advertisers. Thanks for now.

Bob: The Digital Entity

May 1st 2006

April has seen a total of 109162 unique visitors and we will continue to prepare a second press release, probably towards the end of the 90 day trial period. If you haven’t signed up for the news updates do so now as this will notify you when the next issue is due.

One of the more interesting sites in my opinion to appear recently is this: Send me to freeze to DEATH in the North Pole check it out.

We are also now finishing the customer area in time for the end of the 90 day trial period, so all existing advertisers will be notified at the end of May by e mail.

One final thing I came across this site on Alex Tew’s blog, seems to be getting a lot of media coverage at the moment, be interesting to see how it works out. Good luck to them.

Bob: The Digital Entity

April 9th 2006

Last week saw another huge increase in traffic on Wednesday and Thursday following more online press coverage, over 8,000 unique visitors on each of those days.

If you want a laugh I have to direct you to this link recently purchased on the home page: Rosie Millard Debt Appeal, make sure you have your sound on. To any skeptics this site is a genuine order and nothing to do with me – I just found the voice over to be hilarious, apparently all the ‘pledges’ are purely fictitious; you are not pledging ‘real money’.

Next week will see the second phase of my press release strategy. The site will undergo a few small changes of re-branding with the emphasis being on the ‘selling’ aspect of the idea. Those of you who have e-mailed asking for details of when this will commence will have to wait until the 21st of June when, if all goes to plan, the pixel sales will be continuing, press coverage continuing and traffic to the site growing. Needles to say you can still get a good position on the grid and maximize your chances of selling at a profit if you buy space now.

I would also encourage existing advertisers to help spread the word and draw more traffic to the site. The best way to do this is to enter the tell 5 friends competition for the prize of $1600 worth of space. This is still very popular and helping to drive traffic here. You can also enter this even if you are not advertising here.

For now thanks to existing advertisers and visitors for your support, more on the new press attack shortly.


Bob: The Digital Entity

March 20th 2006

Another long day at the office. I’m pleased to say that after less than 5 days we have now opened over 100 advertiser accounts and have 55,500 pixels ordered. Unique visitors are still growing every day, and it’s still early days. Myself and the humans are going to be giving it our all this week, plenty to do in terms of lifting public awareness to the site and of course increasing traffic. That’s what it’s all about. If you have made a purchase please take 2 minutes (or less) to enter the tell 5 friends competition and help us spread the word further.

There are also some new additions to the press coverage which you may wish to read.

There will be some new additions to the site shortly, Brendan has already updated the Bob’s space grid so you can see how the buying and selling will add value to your pixel purchases. The full launch of this will take place in the next week or so but will only really come in to play when the grid starts to ‘hot up’ and fill. The whole point of Bob’s space is to facilitate buying and selling; adding more value to your purchase. Visit the page and see how it works. If you haven’t bought yet, think about it and do so now because the better spot you get now the more it could be worth if things really take off. You can make your minimum $10 purchase now on the buy space page.

Also we have a winner of the first ‘tell 5 friends’ competition. I’ll be updating you on Nicole’s win here on the blog once we have received her image and link.

For now Nanu Nanu and see you soon.

Bob: The Digital Entity

March 9th 2006

Another strange week in preparation for the launch of Bob’s Space. The site received a great deal of press coverage yesterday, including yahoo news and You can read some of the articles on Bob’s press. I’m also moving up at an unearthly rate and almost had to change my pants. Pixel pre-orders are still being taken in preparation for the launch date next week.

To answer those e-mails who have asked why there is a pre-order period, it is simply a marketing move aimed at allowing interest to build up before we officially ‘launch’ on the 17th March 2006. I figured that it’s just building the suspense that little bit more. I also genuinely believe that this approach is better for the advertisers who have taken the gamble on buying the pre orders. Imagine how Bob’s Space would look on, say, day 2 with a 10 x 10 pixel block linking to! Nope. It will be more interesting and beneficial to all advertisers to launch with an ‘interesting’ array of images and ad’s. Alex Tew already won the prize for launching with an empty page.

Also, I received a number of e-mails asking about Bob’s Search Engine. Specifically what are the unique selling points that make it different to existing search technology. My answer to that is to ‘wait and see’ otherwise it will become ‘not unique’ very quickly. I cannot give too much away on the search engine until we have what I feel are the correct levels of traffic and return visitors to launch it. I expect to be revealing more in May. This will give the site traffic time to grow to a ‘launch-able’ level.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my space ship needs some urgent repairs. Thanks for now. Bob The Digital Entity

Bob: The Digital Entity

February 24th 2006

Hi, I am Bob, I am a Digital Entity from outer space. I represent the rest of the team working on this project. This is arguably the MOST important Blog entry since England won the World Cup in 1966.

Our goal is SERIOUS and SIMPLE: $100,000,000 (US Dollars) in 18 months, and if we succeed we will share $50m of that with our first advertisers. These being the first ones to fill Bob's Space, we estimate around 3,000 of you. If you spend $10 NOW (or more if you want) you can help us achieve this.

To get this started that's all we have to do. Fill Bob's Space and get TRAFFIC, the rest truly should be the easy part.

I have created a search engine, it is simple, it is easy to use and maintain. Both our customers and the listed websites will LOVE it. It is unique and it is coming soon. The only way YOU will have a chance of gaining from this in terms of traffic and the $50,000,000 payback, is to spend $10.00 now and order space.

Am I missing some Digital point here? This is simple if YOU are prepared to back us and spend $10.00. I...We.. do not need $100,000,000, why would we? We want to launch our new search engine off the back of this unique and dynamic 'buying and Selling' pixel website. The search engine is where the BIG CONCEPT SALE comes in, that's where the $100,000,000 big ones come in to play.

And just for the record, I have shown this search engine concept to a number of very trusted marketing big-wigs and they fell around in fits of excitement. Take a look here and you will get the idea.

That's all for now folks. Thanks for reading this Blog, Bob.

Bob: The Digital Entity

January 27th 2006

Welcome to Bob's first Blog entry. As at the time of writing we are some way off even uploading the site. If you are reading this then obviously you are either my mum, or we have uploaded the site. I hope to see an immediate interest and take up on this little project so that all my advertisers will benefit as we start to draw traffic.

I am going to gamble my place in internet history on The Million Dollar Homepage in order to help generate TRAFFIC to this site for my advertisers. Please support me in this venture and vote.. I would also like to see Alex Tew benefit from this story as this would be mutually beneficial for all our respective advertisers.

When voting you can also choose to buy 100 pixel blocks for as little as $10! If you do it on the first day you will get the maximum benefit from the 90 day pixel 'holiday period'. This is an ingenious idea that should both generate orders and allow advertisers 'to test' the concept with little financial risk. If you are really keen you can even pre order pixels to guarantee you the full 90 days exposure! Before and during the 90 day 'holiday-period' you only pay 10% of the $1 per pixel price. So a block like this: 100 Pixels only costs $10!

If the site receives heavy TRAFFIC you will then have the option to keep your space by paying the 90% balance at the end of the pixel 'holiday period'. If not you just let them expire and become available again!

'Someone' is going to be Bob's first customer and someone is going to be Bob's second customer and so on! Don't look at the pixel space and think “oh no…I'm not going to take a chance on spending $10 on 100 pixels for 90 days – or however long is left' - just buy them. It will be the first few hundred buyers that make this happen.

The difference between this site and The Million Dollar Homepage is that this site will not be a 'time capsule' - once you have bought pixel space here you can buy or sell them in future should an offer exceed your 'traffic value'.

My point is, if you missed out on the and still want a piece of internet history - now's your chance! Let’s make it happen together.

Alex Tew provided the internet with a great idea; right timing and perfectly executed throughout! However, When Neanderthal Man invented the wheel – do you think he invented the Ferrari F430 as well? It's called evolution and THIS is the next step in the chain of pixel evolution! So 'thanks Alex, buy some dynamic pixels dude!' You know it makes sense.



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