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Bob, What are the aims of this website?

Bob, are you serious about making $100 Million in 18 Months?

Bob, what is this site all about? Are you a genius?

Why is there a 'contdown clock' on the website?

Bob, is it true you last for hours with the ladies?

Are you really on TheMillionDollarHomepage?

Are you just another 'copycat' of the MillionDollarHomepage?

Bob are you really 2777 years old?

Do you care if someone else removes their MillionDollarHomepage pixels before you?

What's the '10% pixel holiday period' all about?

Were you really a ‘stand in’ in Star Trek?

Robert, do you aim to make any money from this site?

Bob, If you hit the million mark and beyond - what will you do with the cash?

Bob, will you make any charity donations?

You seem very confident that you will make $100 million! Why?

Bob, where can I ask you more questions?

Ask Bob

Bob, What are the aims of this website?
(1) Get traffic: firstly to get my advertisers traffic and to get new advertisers to invest a minimum of $10 in my advertising space Bob’s space. For as little as this they get to have an image and link to their own website.

(2) Grow traffic: this website has been receiving huge traffic so the sooner people buy Bob’s space the more clicks they will receive for only $10. The more people that buy; the higher public and press interest and so on. I will continue to wisely invest profits in press releases and marketing.

(3) Trial period: I am offering Bob’s space for a 90 day trial at only 10% of the going rate. So one block like this 100 Pixels costs ONLY $10. If advertisers are happy with the traffic they can pay a balance of $90 after the 90 day trial and keep them for 10 years.

(4) Launch search engine: ALL advertisers who pay the balance for their space after 90 days will receive a contract relating to Bob’s goal of the $100 million search engine sale. Put simply, if Bob achieves this goal all ’10 year’ space owners will receive a return of 50 times what they paid for their image and link on Bob’s space.

So spend $10 now and see what happens, pay the balance of only $90 after 90 days and (if the search engine sale is achieved), receive $5,000 back in 18 months. All you have to ‘risk’ right now is $10, and for that you will get traffic anyway.

Let’s be clear; I DO NOT want lot’s of people to spend $10 so I make money! I want lot’s of people to spend $10 so I can invest in ‘OUR’ (me and YOU) objective of receiving super traffic and ultimately the $100 million search engine sale.

Prior to our first press release I emailed our first advertisers and asked for any comments to support my idea; Read what one of my first advertisers kindly wrote in reply:

“On a personal level when I heard of this from a colleague in Utrecht I looked at the way these guys wanted to raise big funding and I just thought ‘brilliant’. I had to give it a go simply because of that, it’s a crazy but thought provoking idea”.

Chris Kloeze, a t-mobile Telecoms Finance Controller from The Hague (Netherlands)
Purchased $80.00 of space (£45.76, €66.29) for the 90 day trial- worth $40,000 in 18 months if we are successful.

Bob, are you serious about making $100 Million in 18 Months?
Absolutely, and about giving $50 Million of it back to the advertisers, read the $100 million explained page.
Bob, what is this site all about? Are you a genius?
Yes, I am a Genius, as you have already implied. I am a Digital Entity - like 'Data' in Star Trek though not quite the same.

My overall aim is to get my advertisers MEGA TRAFFIC! The idea came to me one evening whilst I was relaxing during some downtime. I was thinking about the next stage in the evolution of the pixel-advertising phenomenon brought about by the genius Alex Tew. It occurred to me that the most logical next step would be to have an advertising space where newcomers could make bids for existing image space. That way, pixel owners can trade off the 'traffic value' against any 'handsome dollar offers' for their space. This will also allow people to 'test' if the concept works for their particular website and product; if it doesn't then they will always have the opportunity to sell it to a new bidder.

The whole concept is just ‘a numbers game’; if Bob's site draws the traffic - then everyone benefits. In summary to that point the 'next phase of pixel advertising' is a constantly dynamic advertising web space receiving global traffic.

The first and most important objective with this project is to get TRAFFIC. One way to make this site interesting to pixel fans was to include the evolution images of The Million Dollar Homepage, where my visitors can see how The Million Dollar Homepage grew from the beginning. I figure people will find that interesting especially after the dynamics of The Million Dollar Homepage were almost complete after the eBay auction. I think that Alex Tew has provided a great new media for advertising, as demonstrated by the traffic to his site. Bob’s aim is for us and our advertisers to work together in creating an advertising medium that will be dynamic, even once full. Visitors to this website can click images on the space values page and see the owner’s portfolio and minimum acceptable bid. Buying and selling in effect.

I also figured that after Alex Tew’s world famous eBay auction, it could generate press and public interest in my site if I were to suggest that I remove my image and link from The Million Dollar Homepage. Bob, his advertisers and Alex Tew himself should benefit from the potential interest. Imagine the interest as all sorts of people around the world watch to see what happens to Bob's pixel space on The Million Dollar Homepage. Alex Tew could even consider another eBay auction for that space.

In order to be fair to the first advertisers to take up the pixel sales - I thought 'what a great idea' to have a 'holiday period' of 90 days where buyers of pixel space only pay 10% for a 90 trial, with an option to pay the 'balance' after this date. Ingenious.

Why is there a 'countdown clock' on the website?
The clock represents the 90 day pixel period - the trial period for advertisers to test the concept for 10% of the usual price. It shows 'days left' before the pixels become full price.
Bob, is it true you last for hours with the ladies?
Days actually; I'm known in some quarters as the ‘Digitalian Stallion’. I am a Digital Entity.
Are you really on The Million Dollar Homepage?
Sure am! Check it out; I'm next to the big blue and white alligator or what ever it is. You can see the exact location from the image on my about page - then check it out on Alex Tew's Million Dollar Homepage.
Are you just another 'copycat' of The Million Dollar Homepage?
What do you think? No! I do not consider myself a copycat at all. What I consider 'copycat' are the 30 - 100 sites that appeared almost immediately after The Million Dollar Homepage became global news - that is the sites that more or less copied Alex's code (in some cases all of it). But I would also like to say, I do not blame them or 'grudge' them, in fact I wish them well (not the code rustlers) at their attempt to 'jump on to a good thing'.

I myself sat back and watched Alex's story unfold and thought to myself how do we improve on this? In fact I thought ‘what is Alex gonna do to improve on this’? - My answer is to create a 'pixel market place' (not a 'time capsule') where the advertising is dynamic and can grow whilst hopefully increasing in traffic forever. Like I've said before 'When Neanderthal Man invented the wheel - do you think he invented the Ferrari F430 as well'? It's called evolution and THIS is the next stage. So 'Thanks Alex... buy some pixels dude.'
Bob are you really 2777 years old?
Sort of, I'm not exactly sure to be honest. My years are a bit different to yours, a bit like Kevin Spacey in K-PAX
Do you care if someone else removes their Million Dollar Homepage pixels before you?
No! I thought of it first (in fact I even thought of it before I'd even bought them). ;-)
What's the 'pixel holiday period' all about?
That's easy enough earthling - when you vote you can also choose to order pixels on my grid at 10% of the full price. This means you get to upload your image and link for as little as $10. The 'holiday-period' of 90 days will give the world time to see what develops with - if TRAFFIC goes through the enterprise roof - we are ALL onto a winner. You can pay the $90 balance at the end of the holiday-period, or release them having only paid $10 to give it a shot.

‘Bob's Gamble’ is his place on The Million Dollar Homepage, your gamble is a few US dollars for a chance to get mega traffic and a slice of the $50 Million payback. By the way if it does fail, and logically I cannot see how, I will go back to being a ‘stand in’ in Star Trek.
Were you really a ‘stand in’ in Star Trek?
I can't answer that for contractual reasons.
Robert, do you aim to make any money from this site?
Please do NOT call me Robert. And possibly; $1 million would be nice, and $100 million to share with my advertisers would be even better. However, I also hope that traffic becomes significant and that all the people who buy 10% pixels go on to stay with us and benefit from the exposure. The only people I want to see 'lose' are the people who can afford the $10 price but don't buy because they are too negative to take the chance.
Bob, If you hit the million mark and beyond - what will you do with the cash?
I will not pay my way through University because I don't go to university (but I do recommend it). And I won't be needing any socks, however, one thing I am going to do is reward the dudes (humans) who helped me with this tapestry of ideas. But importantly I have aims to take internet advertising media to a totally new level; there's much more to come, you can read more on the $100 million explained page. Watch this space.
Bob, will you make any charity donations?
That's a very interesting question. I have seen some very good pixel sites stem from Alex's idea, all they lack in is extra originality, but when I read some of the 'attempts' to gain 'interest' I cringe at the mention of charity donations. Really CRINGE. They may as well say; “well I can't think of anything interesting to differentiate my site.. so I'll use 'charity'”. I don't want you to confuse those comments with the sites who are really doing a good thing for charity. One GREAT website I came across whilst doing some research was this and if you can afford it please make a donation, this Chap is doing a good thing.

Now any donations to charity are a great thing if done correctly and legitimately but I would not promote the fact to try and gain interest in my site. You may draw your own conclusions.
You seem very confident that you will make $100 million. Why?
Because I have a time machine, a bit like The Doctor.
Bob, where can I ask you more questions?
Feel free to use Bob's Forum to ask Bob any other question or air your views in general.

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