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Tell 5 Friends, Colleagues or Associates and enter the draw

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These 1600 pixels are available to YOU!

See bottom of the page for last months winner

Tell 5 Friends, Colleagues or Associates about this page and win this Pixel Space!

There are also 20 runners up prizes of 100 pixels ( 10x10 Pixel Grid )

All persons entering will be placed into a 'draw from a hat'.

Help Bob get TRAFFIC and enter the draw!

The winner will be announced on 17th April 2006 and can select the pixel location anywhere available on the grid - The 'first prize winner' will also be mentioned in the Blog.
Note: Your name and email address will be stored so we can notify you if you win the draw, however your email address and your friends email addresses will NOT be added to any mailing lists.

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The March 2006 Winner

We Conducted the First Prize Draw on March 18th:

The winner of the first ‘Tell 5 Friends’ competition was Nicole C from Brisbane Australia.

Nicole won this much space:

40x40 Pixel Grid

We will display Nicole’s image and link here as soon as it is received.

Just to make a point, Nicole is one of our visitors who does NOT have a website so we will be assisting her in creating an affiliate website which will allow her to convert her ‘space’ into traffic and hopefully sales automated income. To learn more about this please read the examples on our clickbank page.