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Vote Rules

1. Duration of Voting
The voting will last for the duration of the 90 day 10% pixel period. Once all voting has ceased Bob will carry out the outcome of the vote.
2. Who Can Vote?
Anybody can vote - and you do not have to buy 10% pixels. However, if you do buy 10% pixels we would also request that you vote when prompted. To vote only, just select that option on the About Page.
3. About the 2 Possible Outcomes
Bob WILL carry out the wishes of the voters. If in the unlikely event of a 'Leave Bob's Link' outcome; Bob will simply do just that.

The most likely outcome (as this is the interesting one) will be to 'Remove Bob's Link'. In this case Bob will send an e mail to the team asking that the image and link be removed! This IS clearly allowed under the Terms and Conditions of the contract. You can read them on the Home Page.

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